Five Minute Friday – Stay

16 Nov

“You’re afraid.”  I know that’s God’s voice because I’m still trying to follow another path with “Stay” and He won’t let me go there… I’m still trying to hide that little, insidious truth that I AM afraid.

Afraid.  Of more rejection.  Of staying put indefinitely and dealing with more rejection.

In 2004, my husband retired from the Army and we made our final move.  We dove in at our new church, fixed up the house, tried to navigate the new area and all it’s back roads, and we spent time trying to get to know our new church members.  Problem is, eight years later, we feel very much alone.

We’d made a deal to stay put in the house we’d bought for ten years.  By then, our youngest would be out of high school.  Besides, we knew we’d have an itch to move sooner, so this seemed like a good “plan” to avoid scratching that itch and uprooting the kids unnecessarily.

Giant hail.  That’s what did it.  Ruined the new roof, put holes in the siding and this year we re-roofed, re-wrapped the house, put on new gutters and killed termites and cut trees.  Then, I had this wild idea to put a pool in the back yard!

Ok, it’s pointless now, we’re staying.  Although, if one more toilet tank kit breaks, I may start calling the moving company just for my own sanity…

But, it’s God’s voice, I know, reminding me He put us here.  He was VERY clear about that 8 years ago.  So, I will trust in Him that this place, and this time in our life, will have an AWESOME outcome!

Trust in the Lord with all your heart

and lean not on your own understanding;

in all your ways submit to him,

and he will make your paths straight.

Someone really smart gave us a plaque with that verse on it and it hangs over my back door.  Next time I leave the house, maybe I should read it, again.


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4 responses to “Five Minute Friday – Stay

  1. Lindsey van Niekerk

    November 16, 2012 at 8:43 PM

    Oh, I understand this feeling all too well…as a missionary kid..and an expat. Wanting to always go, and yet trying to find contentment in the stay.

    Such deep words here….so glad I linked up next to you at Five Minute Friday.

    • Sue

      November 16, 2012 at 9:04 PM

      Thanks for the visit! Go and go and go – we always seem to have that at the forefront of our minds that we build our whole lifestyle around it… It’s hard to let it go, go, go!

  2. oliveshootinstitute

    November 16, 2012 at 8:45 PM

    I stopped by via FMF and your post picture grabbed my attention as I am the mama of a Soldier. Bless you for your family’s sacrifice. I realize more and more each day how our military families give so much. It sounds like you are also my sister in Christ which is even more special. You are a mighty woman and I admire your strength to stay. You are also a brave warrior! Thank you.

    • Sue

      November 16, 2012 at 9:02 PM

      Thanks for your gracious comments! Yes, it is a sacrifice for more than the soldier, and I know you understand. I know my husband’s mother rejoiced the day he retired! And, most definitely, I AM your sister in Christ…this is just the lifestyle that gives you sisters all OVER the world!


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