An – ti – ci – pa – tion…Can’t Wait?

28 Nov

Would the ketchup EVER get here?  Tipping the bottle, giving it a little downward shake, I waited.  I’m not thinking about the fries getting cold or if someone else might need the bottle… I am entirely focused on the red blob – Is it EVER going to MOVE???

Anticipation is in the waiting.  It’s the build-up of invisible energy or hunger that propels us into a focused state of mind.  One thing … we are just focused on that one thing.  Maybe we’re noticing the world on the periphery, and functioning in it, but really, we’re just focused on that one thing.

To a child, and really most adults, Christmas is like that.  It falls on December 25th and regardless of work, school, or home life – our focus gradually begins to become all about that day.  Family traditions of decorating, shopping, meal-planning all become honed in on by everyone.  Stores might be reminding us earlier each year about the shopping days left on the calendar, but truly, we turn our focus towards Christmas on our own schedule.

My Christmas tree went up early this year.  I decided I wanted a new one after almost 20 years of using the last one.  It was still in great shape, and complete with instructions, so I donated it to my favorite thrift store charity.  I picked one at the store specifically with pine cones attached to the limbs because that’s my style – woodsy.  I think this year I also started playing my Christmas music selection a little early too.  Anticipation… not for Christmas, but for Christ.

Everyday I feel His presence in my life.  Every day is a day to celebrate not only His birth, but His second coming.  Just as His presence as a King was promised by the prophets of old, we anticipate the next step in God’s kingdom calendar – Jesus’ glorious return.

I remember my Dad showing me how to insert a knife into the glass bottle to help the ketchup release and come out a little easier.  Boy, how we’ve progressed into plastic bottles with squirtable tops!  We’ve solved the waiting problem with ketchup, but shouldn’t we still enjoy the waiting that comes with Christmas?

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