Poetry from my fridge – Part One

26 Dec

Magnetic Poetry

Some years ago, on one of our many trips to Chattanooga, we browsed through the tiny stores on the north shore of the Tennessee river.  Chattanooga is a great town, with many wonderful places to visit for kids and adults alike.  On the north shore, in particular, there are some fun little shops and eateries – most of which are dog-friendly.  These provide an interesting assortment of art, books, an excellent carousel, and at one time, a shop with a large selection of magnetic poetry kits and unusual cards and paper gifts.

I believe it has been at least 4 years ago we purchased two of these kits, designed to give you words to piece together into poems for your refrigerator.  You just move the words around and make them work together randomly to form sentences of prose or somewhat quirky statements…

We work on these at leisure – with only one real rule… Don’t take apart anything you find complete.  You need to use from the stock pile on the left, and connect them on the right.  At some point, maybe six months later, we had used so many words that I decided it was time to start over.  Problem was, there were some priceless “ideas” up there…so I wrote them down in my journal to keep… for such a time as this!  Little did I know how funny it would be to read them aloud to the family, or that I would discover how poetic my husband could be!

So, here is a sampling of these to possible amuse you…or maybe they might leave you scratching your head, but hey, it’s art, right?

(By the way…I added punctuation for easier reading)

Part One – …

*Go listen and have peace

*Ferocious velvet

*Yesterday, a woman said, was brilliant

*Come, there is fresh cake melting

*Poetry is a lingering, fire-breathing prisoner in a decaying picture

*I am add ed ed ed

*Beat melon or dazzle pie

*Miss a glass of laughter and see some stars

*As west as a cloud

*Men question the universe but do not look to the sky

*Angels of steel, piercing my dark eternity; they bellow down, killing our joy, yet my voice has no desire

*Will liquid perfume heal my green cut?

*Night circles life

*I like cups of steamy coffee

*Two delicious kisses

*Change not though time puts more on you

*God is cool, like always

So, as the years have progressed the children have moved from being in Elementary, Middle and High School…to participants in career, college and college-bound.  Their “art” has gotten a little more interesting… Some day I’ll post Part Two.

Thanks for letting US share!

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