A Chronicle of the Day

24 Jan


I did it… I actually left the house.  It wasn’t just a quick trip to the mailbox or to greet my fence contractors.  It was a trip to the Wal-Mart.  I know, no big deal, right?

Now, I know I was supposed to be at Yoga class, or even a choir practice today.  But, I grabbed my list and with all the determination I could muster I went out and started the truck.  I ran back in to wait in the warm house, but I never wavered… I was going out no matter how yucky I felt or how bad my head was hurting or how totally comfortable my bed looked!

There are times when all you accomplish is one good or necessary thing in a string of tiresome days.  But I’m going to tell you a secret… it all averages out…. because some days are phenomenally more productive than others.

Some days, you are the Mom, and/or the wife and your duties (sometimes all in one day) include:

Laundry, ironing, cooking, dishes, and mowing the lawn.  The banking, the bills, the taxes, and the dreaded federal forms for the college students.  You organize and manage the household, get the oil changed in the cars and have the tires rotated.  You’re probably the one who calls the {insert professional service name here} when the {random, expensive, broken item} needs said repair and/or replacement.

Then, there are days like today, when getting dressed and getting to Wal-Mart is a major accomplishment.  I even went the extra miles (literally) to the pet store for the exclusive Aspen shavings and food for the pigs.  {Guinea pigs, not my kids}.

So, why do these titles of “Wife” and “Mom” seem so small?  Maybe because they don’t come with a big paycheck, or a special title on the desk, or a specific diploma on the wall.  They have their own rewards, make no mistake, but they are etched on our hearts and are worn like brown porch paint on the favorite sweat pants you meant to change before you left the house.  These rewards are personal and intimate and come along when something goes right.

We can’t judge our value and worth by tangible items in these professions.   We also shouldn’t put ourselves down for a day that seems small or insignificant – especially if you work outside the house {God Bless those women}.  Because, there are still many hours left in your 24 hour day, so you’re bound to make up for it with a fabulous dinner (frozen pizza?) or to be the weary set of ears that listens to the play-by-play of lunchroom giggles from your high schooler. 

So, now that I feel full of worth and value and have patted and/or consoled myself for the day… I look up and notice the item that needed to be returned to Wal-Mart – still sitting on the desk.  That was the whole reason I was going in the first place!  Oh, the joke’s on me!  I think it’s time for some hot tea and a movie with the family to regain my courage for tomorrow.  It’s grocery shopping day!  Woo Hoo!

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