Housework and the Thoughts It Sparks

29 Jan


On more than one occasion I have had my hands elbow-deep in the dishwater – only to have to quickly drag them out and towel them off (semi-dry) to go write down something that traipsed across my mind.

See, when you get somewhere {past} 40 years old, your brain decides to leave you guessing as to “What was I just saying/thinking/doing?” Also, famous is the “What was I in here for?”

You forget stuff…quickly and easily. Except for a few things that are utter nonsense – and those get stuck permanently.  (Just ask anyone in Tucson about the Bill Ellis Datsun song that’s probably still stuck in their head – complete with the ball bouncing above the repetitive words)

So, since this rapid memory loss happens quite frequently, I look forward to some of the more mundane chores of the day and keep something handy nearby to write down those fleeting thoughts.

Today it happened…with the new washer. (If you need a refresher on my recent washer flood – click here:

Laundry duty today seemed incomplete.  Fun, but strange.  It’s the new washer – it’s cool, but maybe too simple?

Gone are the days of starting the water, pouring the soap, letting it mix a little, piling the clothes around the agitator, choosing the water level …

Now, it’s {One click} {One pour} {One heap} {One button}

Kind of un-ceremonial.  No drama, just a little instruction reading and the next thing you know, you’re 2 weeks into using a {fabulous} machine.

Today it reminds me of saying “Good-bye” to some complicated things. Every new gadget that I’ve purchased lately seems to be getting simpler to use. But I know too well that just before Christmas I was saying good-bye to another complicated part of my life as a Mom.  I said good-bye to the school parties. (especially the unexpected occasions that get thrown your way without much warning)

In the blink of an eye, I just said good-bye to the years of birthing, breast-feeding, milestones, walking, talking, Girl Scouts, school clubs and the marching of 3 girls through the K-12 grades. Soon will arrive the graduation of the baby, and the end of a very complex, strenuous, time-consuming, life-in-the-minivan period of our family history. Toss in the military lifestyle and the occasional single parenting and you have the {blink of and eye} – {hindsight is 20/20} timeframe that only occasionally slowed down enough for me to see the beauty that was their childhood.

Fast and furious was what it felt like… which is not unlike my personality. I guess I thrived on it, but I am ready to move forward.  I think.

Yes, today it was something as silly as a washing machine, that has become so simple to use, that sparked some reflection on the pasts and the futures of our three girls.  This stretch of the road we journey as parents might turn out to be the simpler part of parenthood.  It seems like everything is slowing down, but each new thing seems bigger.  Their education and career choices – all in different stages – bring fascination…especially as they leave the nest.  Sort of… they’re welcome to stay as long as we can still afford to feed them…

So, they grow, they change and they blossom.  Right under our noses, and before we know it, they are adults… moving up and beyond the nest we call home.  I know many will tell me “they’ll be back some day,” but I know, it will never be the same.  This chapter of their lives rapidly draws to a close … and I’m just basking in the time we have left.


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3 responses to “Housework and the Thoughts It Sparks

  1. Missy

    February 1, 2013 at 2:56 PM

    Seriously, Lady, where have you been???!!!! This? “and you have the {blink of and eye} – {hindsight is 20/20} timeframe that only occasionally slowed down enough for me to see the beauty that was their childhood.” I am going to cling to this with my somewhere-over-forty mind as I try to relish the 4 and 9 year olds living under my roof. And, my daddy used to tell us over and over that he’d love to keep us under his roof, as long as he could afford us. 😉

    • Sue

      February 1, 2013 at 3:00 PM

      You make me laugh. I need that. (I feel like we are stalking each other…concurrently reading each other’s blogs lol)
      DO keep these things in your mind… Keep reading from Moms with young children – learn how to cherish all their “mishaps” too! It ZOOMS by TOOOOO fast!
      ; )

    • Sue

      February 1, 2013 at 3:15 PM

      Oh, and totally couldn’t tell you were over 40! Not even your REAL profile picture looks it. Maybe I should amend my words and say “over 45” …..
      ; )


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