There are days…

10 Feb

There are days when it’s just too hard…

to walk to the cross,

to hit my knees,

to watch my tongue,

to hold back the tears,

to not cry out in pain.


There are some days it’s just too hard…

to lay it down and not pick it back up,

to carry all the burdens you think you can bear,

until you feel crushed under the enormity of it all.


Then, there is this day…

when you simply sit in your pew,

teetering on the edge of the seat

avoiding the altar,

and she comes from behind, sits with you and takes your hand.


A fervent prayer is uttered insistently from her mouth.

Barely audible but with distinct words to our Father.

She pleads on my behalf and then she slips out and away…

without a hug or a need to be acknowledged.


This day …

in a large room…

she somehow knows how heavy my shoulders have become

and responds to His nudge and she is obedient to pray…

For me, with me, and in His love she helps me to bear my silence.


God will bless her for her obedience.

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