I have loved you…

14 Feb

heart shaped hands

The summer we began dating for the second time – I didn’t see any one else but you in my future. I was accused of being young and naive. Somewhere out there in the world, I was told, there were so many opportunities waiting for me. I’m not sure I saw what these “wise” people could see in my future.

I saw a blank sheet.  I saw only you.

I have loved you since I was a teenager when they whispered “She’s too young.”

I loved you when we were happy, and somewhat oblivious

I loved you when we embraced parenthood…three times and they were all girls

I loved you when you were gone overseas…no matter how many times you had to go

And I loved you when we made horrible mistakes, faced pain, anger, and uncertainty

And today, I love you more

Today, I can’t imagine a tomorrow without you.

For better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health

Happy Valentine’s Day

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