Five Minute Friday – Beloved

15 Feb


Welcome!  Today is Five Minute Friday.  A fun little community of bloggers that “wing it” for Five Minutes with a one-word prompt.  Then, we link up at:

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Beloved:  {dearly loved or dear to the heart…precious, loved, favored, cherished, special}

How beloved are you?  How beloved do you consider your children, your husband, your family members?

How precious is that person that just cut you off in traffic?  Yes, see, sometimes we’re thinking some people are more precious or beloved than others!  Sometimes it’s really easy to forget that you and all the other humans on this planet are loved by God {equally}.

He considers each person special, in equal amounts… and THAT is something that I, as a human, cannot fathom.  I’m too quick to judge, not loving as He first loved us.  I probably even love one of my kids more than the other. {GASP}  But, at least I change favorites each day.

We can have beloved, favorite skinny jeans, boots, socks, purses, or cars… But, we’re talking about humans – flawed and marred, scarred and hurting – and we don’t get to be choosy with whom we are to love.

God loved us.

He sent His son to die for us.

We are to love ourselves and our neighbor and our enemies.

That… That is enough to keep us on our toes and busy, busy, busy for a lifetime!

I need to unbury my grudges …

Purge my self-loathing …

Quit thinking poorly of others …

Give it up to my Almighty God …

And {LEAVE} it with Him.

He’s got some big shoulders,

Some seriously outstretched arms,

Bountiful Grace,

and Forgiveness for me and all who want it.

{Treat yourself as beloved by God}

I am just a sinner,

Saved by Grace,

Loved enough to be set Free,

Given Courage

and Strength

and Perserverance

To wake up tomorrow and try to Love all over again.

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One response to “Five Minute Friday – Beloved

  1. wisdomfromafather

    February 15, 2013 at 5:59 PM

    Well done on a tough prompt. I especially like the ending … “I am just a sinner … saved by grace … loved enough to be set free … given courage and strength and perseverance to wake up tomorrow and try to love all over again.” Good words to remember.


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