Expectations, Travel, Exhaustion, Silence

19 Apr

red bud branch

Monday I arrived home after taking a trip to Arizona.  There are so many things to write about that I have literally started 4 posts already and the only one I finished was my Five Minute Friday Flash Mob writing exercise for today.  Here’s the link for that…

I had only been gone since Wednesday, but things can change quickly while you’re not looking.  I’m glad that I went, happy that I saw classmates from 29 years ago… but I’ve felt a hush of silence over me since I’ve been home that almost wouldn’t allow me to speak, let alone write.

And, I’m exhausted and still catching my breath…because laundry, groceries, cooking, and track practice still happen when you get home… So silence is necessary, for a time …

I remember that “a watched pot never boils.”  Well, it does actually boil…but you get antsy watching and waiting.  While I was gone, the grass got greener and taller, and every Dogwood tree is in full bloom!  It’s all so colorful!

Last year in February (2012) I recruited my family to help me start a little accent garden and flower bed in the front yard.  I desperately wanted an Eastern Red Bud tree to be the focus so we decided on a triangular shape for the garden with the tree at one point.  A triangle with soft corners, not sharp.  I had lots of help digging and pulling the clods of Kentucky Fescue and red clay out of the ground.  We planted the tree and hoped for blooms.

We didn’t get any blooms, but we did get leaves.  At least we didn’t plant it too late or kill it.

In the other two “corners” of the triangle I planted lavender plants.  They were blooming soon and quickly became OH SO FRAGRANT!!!

I tried my hand at dahlia bulbs and they did well also… they just took a little longer to grow, but they were {HUGE} – and produced flowers to cut and take inside.  That was fun and rewarding.

**I have to stop here and say, that the internet is very useful when trying all these new things!  God bless the gardeners and nursery companies that share their wisdom.  Pinterest has its good points, but the nitty-gritty dirty work done by a gardener, that has trod the soil for years, is where you’ll find some of the best knowledge.

Yesterday I took a picture.  My Eastern Red Bud tree sprouted something pinkish-purple.  ONE purple cluster.

Really? ONE?  Oh, and lots of leaves so I would know it wasn’t dead!

red bud bloom

You have to know this:  since the end of March, I’ve been spying on my tree.

With binoculars.

From the front door.


Waiting since March for the tree to bloom.

Before I left for Arizona, I was excited and counting down the weeks and days until I would get there.  All that time, running through my mind was …

“How long would you wait for a tree to bloom?”

The wild ones were blooming on the mountain hillsides, then the trees in everyone’s yards were blooming… so WHY WASN’T MINE BLOOMING????

How long would I wait?  How long would I watch the proverbial pot – waiting for it to boil???

I would wait until it happened.

I’ve needed a physical healing from my chronic neck pain for 5 years.  Doctors, Physical Therapists, and Chiropractors haven’t solved all my problems or pain issues and I’ve been left wondering … would I ever get relief?

So, how long will I wait?

I’ll wait until it happens.

Today that’s enough… I’ll watch and I’ll wait …

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