Not All Days Are Good Ones

24 Apr


I’m probably just reminding myself of this fact, but not all days are good ones.

Some days are downright lousy.

And not every thought or word that comes from my brain conforms and transposes itself into something positive on a day like this.

I can be downright bitter, angry, tired, frustrated, in pain or in anguish over stuff that I can’t change or fix or focus on.

I’m not happy to say that – out loud or to myself – because it serves very little purpose.

Someone is going to bed hungry or homeless – or both – tonight in this country and I do care more about that than anything I’ve got going on in my little world.

I care about people and I care for them.  But some days I fall short of caring for myself.

Lesson One:  It’s my pity party and no one wants to come, so I’m trying not to drag anyone else in.

Lesson Two:  I’m sure I got here by my own secret path, but I guarantee I left a bread crumb trail (or Reese’s Pieces) to find my way back out of this neck of the pain-in-the-butt woods.

Lesson Three:  I should have seen it coming.  Really, how many negative thoughts or cut downs do I need to deliver before I should be realizing – “Hey, you… Shut it already!”

Lesson Four:  Write it out, but don’t publish it for at least a day.  We call that “proofreading” or in this case, an “attitude adjustment.”

Want some perspective?  I’ll ask for some, and then BY ALL MEANS I’ll take someone’s advice even when I want to roll my eyes at it.  (and I actually do – roll my eyes).

Now, I’ll get back up off the dirt where I was busy digging that pit to lie in and wallow in self-pity.

I’ll pick up those stinking Reese’s Pieces – yes, I’d still eat them off the ground – and follow them down that creepy path where I detoured from “normal.”

I brush myself off, save a few candies in my pocket for later, and step back on the path and walk with the others.

Even though I know it’s going to be just me there, like always … I can walk alone.  I’ve got candy to keep me company.

And I’m sure I brought my iPod.  I never go anywhere without my tunes.

Now, will it be Pat Benatar, Boston, or The Eagles?


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2 responses to “Not All Days Are Good Ones

  1. Chelle Minard

    April 25, 2013 at 5:33 PM

    I love your writing, your blog was good. I mean REALLY, REALLY GOOD! I think I needed to hear that too.

    • Sue

      April 25, 2013 at 5:52 PM

      I thought you might want to read this today… I brushed off the dirt and found my way into the commissary… Got to follow my own advise ; )


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