Five Minute Friday – View

25 May

desert highway

The view from here…

I’m on a faded asphalt highway in the middle of the desert – straddling a line.  It used to be the division between the left and the right of the highway.  Now it seems so faded that it’s up to the individual driver to determine whether to hug the right or wander wherever.

This piece of yellow paint I see between my feet is pretty colorful compared to the rest.  As I look up and around, I have to shield my eyes from the sun because it is so intense.

On my left I see the clear and vivid images of my past.  On my right I see vague and almost formless visions of my possible future.

These conceivable events and people in my future are not clear by any means – and for once in my life – that doesn’t fill me with fear.

No, actually, from this place I stand, the view all around me brings me peace.  Calm has washed over me like I’ve never experienced it before.

My past, my present, and my future all seem to engulf me and leave me a bit confused as to where I go from here –

But my palms don’t have a bead of sweat on them…

My heart doesn’t race or skip a beat…

And it’s quiet inside my head and my soul…

It’s a beautiful view, and I long to understand it more fully.  It feels like a gift.

*Curious about Five Minute Friday?  It’s like a Flashmob for writers.*

A bunch of us, with a one-word prompt, write fearlessly for FIVE minutes and link up together. Join us!


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2 responses to “Five Minute Friday – View

  1. susan@avintagefarmwife

    May 25, 2013 at 4:48 PM

    Visiting from Five Minute Friday! Love your take on “view”. Praying that you enter the path God has laid before you with your eyes wide open and your heart ready to receive. Hugs!

  2. shortybear

    May 25, 2013 at 5:49 PM

    Fabulous post.


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