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The Challenge

The world has changed.

Grief has set in.

Denial has taken hold.

Hope is unfathomable.

stay tuned…


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Rusty Can Be a Beautiful Thing


So the words went here originally and I pressed all the right buttons but somehow I had a tagline that I didn’t like and Poof, the words were gone.

That’s alright though.  I can look at this picture and tell you that rust accompanies beautiful objects in the desert.  Turquoise and rust seem to go together everywhere I look when I’m in the southwest.  I yearn to touch the rust and walk past the artistic structures that oxidize on purpose all over town.  I yearn to dwell in the desert.

On this vacation though, I yearned to be home.  I was ready to be back on the airplane, sleep in our apartment, decorate for Christmas, see my girls, hike my trails and bake some cookies.  It took 14 years to call this part of the South my home.  But I finally did.

There’s lots of green here.  Lots of trees and some big hills and waterfalls and trails that I love and places that I know I’ll hike soon and I’ll love those hills too….  And my girls are here – all 3 of them – and that’s why they say Home is where the Heart is…

But I still love rust and turquoise … and creosote, cactus, sky islands, lizards, and the sun …


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Five Minute Friday ~ Writer

On Fridays… we “shhhh” the inner critic and run freely with our words.  Allowing ourselves to exercise our free-flowing words with a one word prompt from our fearless community leader Lisa Jo Baker.  Then we join together and encourage each other – kind of like a Flashmob for Writers.

Intense Light

How can I pass up a Five Minute Friday prompt that shouts at me …









Aches and Pains?!

What, didn’t your email speak those words to you?

Mine did… because I’m a writer and I think about all those things when Lisa Jo sends the prompt on Fridays.  Doubt I’ll write today, I’m frustrated I didn’t have time to write, etc.

See why I can’t pass up a juicy tidbit of a word like Writer?  It invokes so much emotion in me that I, well, I was ALMOST propelled to the keyboard on Friday.  I did take notes in my phone immediately though, and that’s enough..

I write because I have doubt, and so do others.  That encourages us, empowers us and it’s a labor of love through the aches and pains and the groanings of life.  It can propel us to SKIP washing the dishes ask for help with the kids so we can squeeze in a little time to write.

And I love it… and linking up on Fridays is really fun and has been a blessing in my life that took away some of the doubt, and definitely gave me some new friends with tons of encouragement!

Have a great weekend… and WRITE something!  You know, if you have time ~ No pressure ~ Just sayin …


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A Simple Writing Exercise? Nooooo

Dunes and seashore

{An allegory – a symbolic representation}

{A parable – usually a short, fictitious story that illustrates a moral attitude or a religious principle}

I shield my eyes from the sun as I admire the glistening ocean waters from the top of the dunes. The sand is hot and rough on my bare feet and as soon as my shoes come off my feet are encompassed by the weight and depth of it. No matter how I choose to walk on the dune, I feel like I’m sinking and that I might not get down to the shore. I could get exhausted by the time I get to the water’s edge.

(Is it here, at the beginning, that the difficulty is obvious…that the next step might be in the wrong direction? Is it tough-going because you’re treading into something you shouldn’t?)


The short piece of allegory above was part of a writing exercise from December 2012.

In January 2013 I began writing down the exercise and that’s all it was…an exercise..

{It’s amazing what God can see and reveal to you before you are even ready to receive it}

I was supposed to close my eyes and think of a place and imagine all the sights, sounds, and smells of that place that held good memories.  I immediately went to my favorite place on the earth …the beach.  Specifically the beach where I spent many summers as a child.  A wonderful place that always brings back great memories.

So, I began writing about the feel, the smell, and the warmth of the beach.  Picturing perfectly in my mind’s eye a place I knew by heart, right down to the last grain of sand – every sharks purse – every seashell that I picked up and admired.

{As I wrote, I was shocked at what was happening to my perception of my written words.}

I began to see a completely different meaning that was spiritually very deep.  A mirror I guess you would say… a mirror to the deception of sin.

{How strange was that???}

So as I wrote, I paused and went back through each paragraph and noted how the vivid descriptions were like sin.  It became an allegory and I loved it.

Months later I realized I was living it out in real life and I was drowning …

because the beach led to the ocean

and the ocean led to swimming,

and swimming led to a rip current

and one human can not survive alone against a whole ocean

and I was drowning…

I stopped writing this allegory though, because I had no conclusion to the story.  I didn’t realize that it applied to me yet, but I was having difficulty coming up with an ending.

I had no solution to the drowning except for one…

The Human Chain rescue

When I realized this allegory applied to me, I was left suspended – with no conclusion, no help, no clue, and certainly no human chain to rescue me.  So, this morning, I decided that I needed to finish this allegory and to start writing this in my blog and hopefully you’ll want to hear the rest of the story…

The story is called:

A Day at the Beach, A Journey into Sin and Back

{When I publish it, I will make this title a link…}

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Who am I? Who are you?

Today I’m just plugging along…finishing laundry, washing dishes, and tearing apart dismantling my stove top to clean it.  Because, well, it needed it and I hadn’t used a screwdriver in a very long time…


And wouldn’t you know … I’m writing too… when my hands are dry anyway …

And I’m writing things about myself, in order to pull out the good things today instead of the negative…

Who am I?

I’m a human, a girl, a wife, a mom, a writer, an artist, a crafter and a genius.

But in this world of ours, this isn’t a competition – this is who I am and most days I’m good with that.

I’m also organized, thoughtful, and caring.

I love coffee, Oreos, and chocolate cake.

I love hiking, driving, skydiving, watching birds, watching movies and reading – yes, even the dictionary!

So, what about you???  Who are you and what do you like???

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Silence is silver

the silver medal

I’m not sure where my voice has gone but I’m hoping it comes back. I hope that writing today when there is chaos in the house will help my focus.

I HOPE for a lot of things
*like for the child at the table to stop burping (usually that’s funny)
*or for the Banagram game to quiet down to a tolerable level
*or for the snow to hurry up and start so at least I can SEE for myself why everyone is home while the roads are still dry

Lately my silence on paper has been deafening though so that is why I have stopped all the fiddling around with art supplies in order to focus on my voice – which is essentially my writing. Last time it only had one volume – out loud, really loud – or when on paper and blog it was strong and forthcoming and somewhat rewarding.

The phrase “silence is golden” came to mind this day when I pulled out the keyboard, but that sounds like a winning opportunity – like years ago when all my children were taking naps simultaneously.

Right now, silence, in reference to writing, seems 2nd place … like a silver medal, not a gold. There’s nothing wrong with silver in the Olympics, but to some, it’s just not gold.

Silence on my keyboard is like a silver medal and I need to bring that back into my world because …

Silver:  It’s just not as significant as the big win.

So today I will write and as I begin, the noise and chaos of the house will fade …

I guess I’m on a bit of a wayward streak around here and that’s ok, but the fact that I seem to be stuck there is a big deal. And it’s not all just about writing, it’s about life.

Lately I’m catching a breath of fresh air – or catching a break – only to forget where it came from.

Sometimes I forget that for a brief moment in time I felt free from pain or free from the chaos that my life has become.

Today I will write because

I love it

I need it

It replenishes me…

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Vegas, Baby ; )

Red Rock Canyon

The thought began in Winter, amongst the brisk morning air here in the South – and YES, it gets very brisk!

The idea was also being dreamed about by a friend in the {dreadfully} frigid Midwest.  It was all about an excursion to some place WARM!  A chance to see each other after a very LONG 20 year gap between visits.  Our thoughts combined to form a trip to Las Vegas – where it would be warm in the Spring AND there would be friends there to visit as well!  What a winning combination …

I longed to DRAG {rescue} my frozen friend from Minnesota for a little sun, hiking, dining out, and socializing with former high school friends.


I heard the gears grinding about a week after we talked by phone about going on this nice trip …

I felt the pressure she was straining under in her words …

I knew ticket prices were about to change when I began to hear her utter the real insecurities from her mouth.

She was living in fear – and had been for YEARS

So, I ordered a ticket for one, reserved a car, made hotel reservations for just my own room, and started making plans for things to do while in sunny Las Vegas.  And just so you know – Las Vegas has more to offer outside of downtown that you could ever imagine …

I’ll tell you about that trip after I say something about fear …

{It’s a trap and it’s full of Satan’s lies ~ Plain and simple}

But fortunately there is a WAY OUT.  There is an ULTIMATE rescue and sometimes it comes from an old friend who really wants to spend time with you and somehow starts a spark that propels someone to get some help – again.  Only, this time, her help was better than ever imagined.

She struggled with social anxiety, agoraphobia occasionally, and was then diagnosed ADHD at age 45.  Professional testing, medication and counseling were involved and she felt like a new person.

I’m so glad I asked her to go to Las Vegas with me.  I was sad that she didn’t go, but God had WAY bigger plans than two chicks hiking in the wilderness sucking down bottled water and chewing on granola bars.

So, my big lesson in this was it’s ok to go it alone, and to get past the disappointment of not having a close friend accompany you.  And most IMPORTANTLY … it’s ok to come clean to your best friend and ask for help.

{It’s ok, to leave it in God’s hands and be healed}

Well, now I’ll tell you some fun things I did in Las Vegas… I have 3 former high school friends there that I was only able to see during the evening hours due to their work schedules.  But I got some advice from them on what to do out in nature during my daytime hours.

Wow, Nevada has a beauty that doesn’t come in gold, glitz or lights.  It doesn’t sing, dance or cost much money at all.  It’s called nature – as in God’s creation – and it was spectacular!

I hiked 2 days in a row at a place called Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.  Here is one of the websites for it including a trail map:

They have a wonderful visitor center complete with a gift shop and an outdoor educational area for adults and kids and the entrance fee to the park is nominal – It had to be less than $10 entrance fee for a place with a paved road, several parking areas and hiking trails, and quite frequently a great view of Big Horn sheep!

I also visited Valley of Fire State Park… which is probably a one hour drive from North Las Vegas.  Here is their website:

I can honestly tell you, I didn’t see enough of this place.  WHEN I go back, I will leave early, and see more, more, more of this area specifically.  I only had time to see the windswept sandstone areas (called the Bee Hives) and the petroglyphs which are near the visitor center.

What I didn’t realize, was that although I was drinking plenty of water, I was somewhat “on fire” myself.  I didn’t know I was sick, and was at the doctor 3 days after arriving home with pneumonia AND the flu! 

While enjoying my stay in Las Vegas, I took 2 of my friends to a Big Daddy Weave concert, we ate at some fun places recommended by my friends and had a luxurious birthday dinner at the Wynn Hotel, based on a conversation I had while hiking with a waiter that works there.

Course, I’ve saved the best part for last… I also planned ahead and reserved an exciting tandem skydiving jump with Skydive Las Vegas.  After that, my friend drove me to see the Hoover Dam.  While skydiving, you can see Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam and it’s one of the highest jumps you can make in the U.S.  A mere 15,000 ft.  And I had the wonderful opportunity of being the last one to board the airplane …

So, when you’re the last one ON …


You’re the first one OFF! 


skydive 4

Yeah, I’d TOTALLY do it again!

No Fear


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Made to Crave

Made To Crave

Made to Crave.  Why now?  Because I need it…

Lately I can’t seem to get my feet to move.

I can walk, I can drive, I can sit, draw, talk, eat and occasionally I sleep – sleep is always optional with my neck pain.

But getting my feet to move – towards God – has been difficult as of late.

He’s speaking and I’m clearly listening, but right now, I’m not moving.

That’s not the same as being stubborn or “not budging.”

It’s more like waiting and not “jumping the gun.”

There are thoughts in the corners of my brain that are the beginnings of “a new thing springing up” that I know God has firmly planted there.

Isaiah 43:19

See, I am doing a new thing!  Now it springs up;

do you not perceive it?

I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.

But first I believe he needs me to be still and see the wasteland through His eyes before I will be ready to act according to His will.

I’m ready, but He wants me to CRAVE it.

I was only on the verge of stepping into the wasteland when this Bible study was announced.  I knew it focused on healthy eating, which is not an issue for me …

But, the craving God part?  Now that’s a different story.

My life isn’t exactly curvy – I’m more of a straight-line kind of girl.

And I’m not talking about my figure, I’m referring to way I walk through my day.

I’m analytical, frugal, logical.  {straight line}

However, I just jumped up to finish this because I was drawing and playing with my new markers. {curvy line}

In the last 12 months my life has seemed upside down and backwards.  Curvy, like a roller coaster.

But seriously off track in some areas.

I’ve seriously been lacking in a direction that CRAVES God first each day.  And that is SO unlike me.

So, I’m taking on an Online Bible Study beginning on January 19th.  And Thursdays will be the blog hop days.  This was a topic that I chose to write about this week – Why am I doing the Made to Crave study?

It’s simple… I need to fix my “want to.”

If you’d like to join in on the study, there is still time.  Here is the link to the website for the Online Bible Study area…


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Five Minute Friday ~ See


~If only I could make you see~

If I only had a week to show you love

through God’s eyes ~ I’d show you kindness

To a stranger, the downcast, the poor and the hungry …

If I only had a day to show you love

through God’s eyes ~ I’d show you compassion

For your close friends and co-workers …

If I only had an hour to show you love ~ I’d show you forgiveness.

For your family and for yourself …

If I only had a minute to show you love ~ I’d show you salvation.

~I’d introduce you to the breathe of life~

that beckons your heart

to turn toward Him.

For you to reflect His light, to heal your soul, to change your world

Come SEE with me


Colossians 3:12

Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.


On Fridays… we “shhhh” the inner critic and run freely with our words.  Allowing to exercise our free-flowing words with a word prompt from our fearless community leader Lisa Jo Baker.  Then we join together and encourage each other – kind of like a Flashmob for Writers.


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Five Minute Friday ~Write~


It’s been a couple of weeks since I last wrote-anything.

I didn’t have anything, or so I thought, for this week’s prompt “write.”

So, maybe my Five Minute Friday should be about “not writing.”

…Yes, that works… AND it gets me writing

I just haven’t had the energy to write.  I’ve been spending a huge amount of time talking, explaining, apologizing … praying.

And a great deal of my time lately has been spent watching the sun set each evening from my Adirondack chair.

Tonight, I’m writing though… in the dark, on my notepad, from my chair – outdoors.  Not a lot of talking needed tonight – more like contemplation.

About Life and Decisions and Directions … Big stuff.  Earth-shattering and life-altering big stuff.

Which is always good to contemplate … and then it gets you back to writing.

To write … perhaps the best way up and out of the muck and mire and back into the daylight… and of course, back in my little community of writers…

I’ve been missing you ladies…

blog keep calm

*Curious about Five Minute Friday?  It’s like a Flashmob for writers.*

A bunch of us, with a one-word prompt, write fearlessly for FIVE minutes and link up together. Join us!


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