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Five Minute Friday – Comfort


The comforter on my bed is very new.  Which is why I can tell you – I’m not happy about the sad shape it’s in.  It has a tan color to hide cat hairs that love to accumulate on my bed.  You know, cats accumulate there whether they’ve asked permission or not… I had that in mind when I bought it actually… The thing is, it has kind of a satiny finish to it.

So, this comforter – it does comfort.  It adds a nice layer that keeps us warm on those chilly nights.  The cats apparently find this appealing as well.

Their nails, however, catch on the satiny fabric.  There are little snags all over it.

Don’t get me wrong…it still functions, but it’s a mess to look at, considering it so new.

{Still functions – but kind of a mess}

Well, you might as well know, that describes me lately as well.  A bit of a mess to look at and deal with lately – but still functioning.

A good Bible verse came to mind this morning when I saw the word comfort as our word prompt.

2 Corinthians 1:3-5

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God.  For just as we share abundantly in the sufferings of Christ, so also our comfort abounds through Christ.

Me.. a little messy, still functioning, and hopefully still comforting…

*Curious about Five Minute Friday?  It’s like a Flashmob for writers.*

A bunch of us, with a one-word prompt, write fearlessly for FIVE minutes and link up together. Join us!


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Maya the Thief

maya closeup

My youngest cat Maya thinks she is so awesome.

The way she can steal a piece of paper is amazing… not to mention it’s a real mystery WHERE she is getting my little receipts and small paper items.  Every time we look in the office everything APPEARS to be in place.  Another favorite item up for her theft is the paper dinner napkins.  She must hear us from the far reaches of the house when we carefully remove a few from the napkin holder to set the table.  She’s up into a chair and sneaking her little paw over the edge (just her paw, it’s so cute) and swiping the paper.  Quick too, like while the table setter is over at the silverware drawer – Fast!

Every cat we’ve ever owned has had some quirky trait, or traits, that begin to show up as the cat matures.  Usually by age 2 there’s at least one annoying thing the cat continues to do at least on a weekly basis.  This youngster is starting early – she’s just turned a year old.  And just yesterday… she stole a tape dispenser!  Really??? A plastic, Scotch tape dispenser?!  She carried it out of one of the kid’s rooms in her mouth and into the kitchen where she was “busted” by my teenager.

Yeah, busted…by the humans who, of course, thought it was hilarious.  It was just like trying to reprimand a kid while you’re laughing.  Ridiculous and Impossible!  Somehow I think we all have this “Food Chain” out-of-order.  Cats are clearly quite craftier than we think.

Some of these peculiar traits are funny, and usually provide a constant amusement beyond the playful kitten stages. However, some are late in the arrival…say when the cat has made their home here for like 5 or 6 years!  Those are the days when you just want to pull your hair out…. Recently one of our cats just started jumping and grabbing door jambs.  What???? I said “No No” every time he did it, but it didn’t work – this time.

Cats are amazingly trainable and we’ve used many of the same methods that we used on the dogs.  But you have to be patient.  Like sometimes patient FOREVER … cause some stuff “just don’t stick” with cats.

When I wrote my last blog about training children and helping them to learn to try new foods, I couldn’t help but reflect on the animals that run wild in our house.  They help me to remember to {Let Go} of stuff that “just don’t stick.”  I have herded and tried to control the animals, the kids, the junk in the house that breaks… but there are some things that “just don’t stick” and I’m truly wasting my energy in the wrong place.

Control is an illusion.  It’s not in my power to control stuff no matter how I try.  Control belongs to God.  He created these creatures and if he wants, he can keep them from scratching the furniture.  Again.  And Again.

Everything’s a test in my life or a lesson to be learned – mostly because I know God and His ways are great and good and serve a purpose in my life.  Teaching me about letting go is high on God’s priority list apparently…kind of like His ability to teach patience…

Once, many years ago, I learned that I was putting things on the altar only to pick them back up the next day usually.  This one time, I clearly remember, I struggled to the point of letting it go…someone gave me a piece of chalk and had me mark an X on the back of the altar…. I was blown away.  That X is still there and no longer do I carry that burden with me anymore from that very moment forward.  See, sometimes we have to make a tangible or visible effort to {Let It Go}.

Letting go is hard and requires practice.  I practiced it last week when my two children drove off together for an event that would bring them home in the dark.  I cried, then I let it go.  I can’t control what’s going to happen to them every time they get behind the wheel – and I don’t want to, truthfully.  God does much bigger and better things with WHATEVER happens!

I just need to lean into His open arms where His trust lies and {Let It Go}

Proverbs 3: 5-6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart

and lean not on your own understanding;

in all your ways submit to him,

and He will make your paths straight.

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Washers and Fleas

maytag washer

I lost it this morning.  My sanity to be exact.  I almost lost it last night when I had to get into the bed knowing my cats had been on the comforter.

After arriving home from book club I found a piece of tape on my counter that my husband pointed out to me.  REALLY?????  You HAD to CATCH a FLEA to SHOW me????  What was I supposed to do about that?  At 9 o’clock at night?

Apparently, if I were a good parent, I would have danced my way into my daughter’s room and properly praised my 21-year-old-with-a-magnifying-glass-in-her-hand who saved us all from the FLEA!  But, NO… I got a case of the heebie-jeebies and resolved myself to feeling guilty for not having my own vet check the new kitten for the little bugs!  Bad Pet Parent…

Now, I know this sounds ridiculous but this is a true story.  And in any story where I lose my sanity, it has to involve water – especially in THIS particular house.

I awoke WAY before the alarm ever hinted at playing music and with steady resolve, I headed towards the kitchen for my coffee and my washing machine.

Truly, in my book, nothing cures or fixes a problem like the first cup of Folgers and my somewhat weak and cheap washing machine.  I had barely downed all the coffee before I was throwing all the fleece blankets and afghans in the washer for the first load.  I was looking up the Vet’s number to cry for help… and I was kissing my sweet high schooler as she headed off to the bus.

All was well, and I was ready to do battle with fleas!

Yeah, um, “Why is the washer making that noise?”

Um, shouldn’t I lift the lid and “see it moving?”

Yes, it should be moving, and you shouldn’t look down and see water on the floor.

There was no retreating.  I made arrangements to remove the 4 legged beasts and their vermin to the Vet’s office where they would take some magic pills and be kept for a few days.  Then I hauled all my bedding and blankets to the laundromat and paid $29.50 to wash and dry everything.   Then we went and bought a new machine.

Oh, back up… I lost my sanity and called my husband.  “Water on the Floor” is pretty much all he heard and he headed home to hold my hand and listen to my attitude and have a few arguments with me, because that ALWAYS works…

Now, I have finished the day.  And wrote it all down.

But, who’s going to bring my sanity back?  Well, I think this steaming mug of hot chocolate will do just fine!

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