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Saturday’s Sweetness

cookies 2 cookies 1

Oh, the smell…and the warmth!!  My kitchen is a Christmastime delight.  It wasn’t about writing or reading today – nothing came to my mind, or needed to be said when I went to my writing space.  There was, however, a ball of dough wrapped like a gift in my fridge waiting … waiting to be warmed, kneaded, floured and rolled.  Oh, and cut, with the cute little cutters that have been waiting on my counter all week!  The sweet smell wafting from the oven, the timer chiming repeatedly, the rolling, cutting, and placing them on the cookie sheet, all in a sweet dance back and forth about the kitchen.

It was about me, in the kitchen, feeling pain in my neck and simultaneously feeling an exceedingly warm joy inside my soul.  I had arrived – my appointed time and place to make cookies – finally!  It might seem trivial, but on some days this is declared as a major accomplishment in my mind.  Doing something I love to do, regardless of my body’s limitations that nag at me.

Making the kitchen my focus, I listened to Christmas music and ruminated in my mind over the box of old pictures that arrived in yesterday’s mail.  The box contained a collection of photographs which are the last of the parental household belongings that needed to be divided and sent out to my siblings and myself.  Pictures that brought great memories of childhood, birthdays, holidays, old friends and family members.  Priceless memories.

So, somewhere in the midst of this “cookie day” focus in my kitchen, I had time to reflect in the quiet and realize this cookie day tradition was absorbed from my husband’s family.  A merging of family memories and traditions into my own personal household on this day, made me smile.  A deep, fulfilling joy in my soul, which smelled a lot like sugar cookies, was greatly present.

I had to have my hands busy to activate my mind to write what’s on my soul.  Where’s a picture that shows you the flour on my hands, pen and page?  It’s literally here, all over my notebook and on my apron and all over the counter.  It’s sweetness that is being dripped, poured out, measured and flung around till it escapes from my soul through my hand, into the pen and onto the paper…

Tomorrow I will remind myself to “have courage to write, have the courage to remember the memories that seem too difficult to handle, and to have courage to do the things that need to be done.”  Tomorrow will be another opportunity to leave behind a memory or a tradition for my children and their families that are still yet to be…

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Five Minute Friday – Wonder


The Wonder of it all…

I’m a child and it’s Christmas and I’m lying under the tree – it’s finally put up.  I’m not sure where my Dad gets these trees, but they sure are frustrating to put together!  My brothers try to hold it, getting poked in the face, while my father tries earnestly to attach the tree stand.  Then he has to string it to the doorways near the corner so it stands securely.  There are lots of heated, angry words that fly about – my Dad’s mostly – and a few disgusted looks on the faces of my brothers.  My sister, however, beams.  Shoot, she’s glowing!  And I think she already has ornaments in her hands…  She’s READY!

The lights are on and working and then we add the decorations.  Next, comes the battle of garland vs. icicles.  We must have both on hand because out of nowhere we’re all grabbing silver, shiny, stringy plastic strands and trying our best to drape them on the tree.  I know there’s some banter about singles versus clumps, but I think I’m doing mine right.  And it’s no easy task to add these icicles to the tree because there are abundant amounts of static cling involved.  I believe I hear my Mom mutter from the couch her negative comments about vacuums and icicle strands.  I guess she’s the one who prefers the garland.

But, I lie here, under the tree with all the living room lights off.  I get my head way under next to the stand and look up the center of the tree.  It’s my favorite part.  For me, it is the wonder and beauty of the tree that tells me Christmas is almost here!


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