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Why I got my feet wet in the Sipsey in January (and maybe why you shouldn’t)

I opened my Facebook and there was the invitation.  It was for a hike to a place I regard with awe and wonder.  My mind started to whirl with anticipation, questions, and a quick – “Hey babe, will you go with me on this one?”

I guess all of this group have this itch to hike and then we find others with that same itch and all sorts of fun ensues.  However, the Sipsey Wilderness is a really big and rugged place.  I had reservations about this impromptu hike and by the next morning I have a backup hike in mind in case this isn’t a safe adventure.

Lots of planning goes into hiking – for safety reasons.  There are plenty of places that I go that require very little thought at all.  Greenways are like that.  I read the map at the site and go as far as I want.  The Sipsey requires a little more than the casual reading of a trailhead sign.  In fact, trailhead signs might be rare or non existent.

Cell signal is also rare.  Which means I have to invoke the BestFriendOutdoorsmanBruce (BFOB) rule.  He is THE guy we call to let him know where to send a RESCUE.  I’m not exaggerating about this… I told him we would be done by 5 pm, sunset, and that it might take an hour to get back to him by cell.  He set an alarm to call us by 6 pm.

So, into the Sipsey we went on no trail to chase waterfalls that were running nicely after our recent rainy weather.  Besides having to refer to only a single Alltrails recording, crisscrossing the creek was the first issue we tried to remedy.  We walked, tip-toed, or threw out rocks to step on.

None of us is fond of slipping.

Mud and mushy leaves was the second issue.

Again, none of is fond of slipping.

Then my husband slid down a short hill – but was fine.  I was behind him and I tried to go down backwards with my hands on the ground.  I still slid – into what I call the superman yoga position – on my belly.

Laughing.  Always laughing.  It’s a wonder I didn’t eat some mud.

I turned to cross the creek and decided to wade into the water – boots submerged – and I just called out “I’m done fartin around, I’m getting in.”  Before you knew it everyone had damp or soaked feet.  It was glorious, fun, and childlike.  I guess at our age that’s adventurous.

So what’s the point I’m making?  You shouldn’t follow this example EXCEPT we knew we had enough smarts between us that we would all be getting out before dark.  No one was risking hypothermia by wading through the creek in January.

There is safety in numbers and there is fun to be had with these new friends of ours.  And, as always, we have BFOB to send a rescue.

~Have the adventure, make the friends, eat the bread, and drink the wine~

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