Being a NEW Blogger

21 Sep

I hate to admit this, but I don’t read blogs that much.  In this picture/icon-filled world, not many people take the time to read anymore, but something in me has desired to write for a very long time and I keep putting it off.

I indulged in social media (Facebook) for too long and it became apparent that many people there were also too caught up in life to read much more than a quick status or two or peruse the family snapshots (captions optional).  Actually, that’s where I came across an excellent blog site called The Right Volume..primarily because it spoke to my womanhood, motherhood and my love for God, and also my imperfections that apparently everybody has.  (I know, that’s a secret that I wasn’t supposed to divulge)

Anyway, I’m an unfinished child most days.. God’s child specifically.  Wondering and pondering the same big questions that seem to plague many of my friends – who am I, what is my purpose in life, or my favorite “HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO GET ALL THAT DONE?”, etc. 

While all our answers to the big questions in life will ultimately be different and unique, I feel it necessary to share my struggles and successes in life to encourage others.  Mostly….because others have done that for me.

We’ll call it payback… not like you normally use the word… but as an expression of God’s LOVE that so many seem to be missing.

So, that’s why I have become a blogger… sound lame?  Let’s hope not ; )

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One response to “Being a NEW Blogger

  1. Samantha Livingston

    October 4, 2012 at 4:08 PM

    SO excited about your new blogging voice! You’re kind to mention me. So glad we’ve connected online!! Blessings in this new leg of your journey!


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